One of the most important decisions a parent will ever make is choosing quality child care for their child. Every child is special and unique and deserves the best start possible. Studies reveal that a high quality child care program will help prepare a child for school readiness by increasing their chances to succeed. Research also indicates that employers benefit when their employees' children are in quality child care arrangements because parents are more secure and stable in their work environment. This makes parents more productive; thus, creating a winning situation for everyone: parents, children and employers.

Why a star rated license?.
Georgia’s current licensing system does not offer enough information to parents about the quality of care of child care centers. Child Care Resource Service has moved to the star rated license system. For example, under current system, a center that received an A license is meeting only minimum requirements but parents may believe that this is the highest rating. To minimize confusion and to maximize understanding, a five star licensing system was developed because this type of rating system is typical for many products and services.  An additional benefit of the star rated license system is that it recognized providers for the higher quality care that they provide. Lastly, the star rated license acts as a roadmap for providers to follow as they strive to improve the quality of their care. Child Care Resources Service will bridge the gap between child care facilities operating at the minimum level of quality to becoming “Nationally Accredited” by offering direction and information to child care providers in improving the quality of their child care business

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